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5×5 Workout #24

March 18, 2014

Squats: 275#

Bench: 255#

Rows: 195#

Ya, I stalled on squats and rows. First off life stuff came up and the last few workouts got spread out. This can be frustrating but you do what you do and stick with the plan.

Second, four workouts back I was at 300# on squats and strained my lower back. At fifty years old injuries make me nervous so I took a slow approach to recovering and as of workout #22 I came back to squats using 275# for three sets, felt good with the results and went up to five sets with the same 275# yesterday. From here out I will be back on the 5×5 plan and do squats / add 5# each workout.

BTW, the rows stalling are the same reasoning.

I am very happy with the recovery and feel 95% now. I am less nervous now about getting injured but I age and experience will keep me lifting smart.


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