5×5 Workout #24

March 18, 2014

Squats: 275#

Bench: 255#

Rows: 195#

Ya, I stalled on squats and rows. First off life stuff came up and the last few workouts got spread out. This can be frustrating but you do what you do and stick with the plan.

Second, four workouts back I was at 300# on squats and strained my lower back. At fifty years old injuries make me nervous so I took a slow approach to recovering and as of workout #22 I came back to squats using 275# for three sets, felt good with the results and went up to five sets with the same 275# yesterday. From here out I will be back on the 5×5 plan and do squats / add 5# each workout.

BTW, the rows stalling are the same reasoning.

I am very happy with the recovery and feel 95% now. I am less nervous now about getting injured but I age and experience will keep me lifting smart.


Mental alignment for my writing

Writing—So Easy a Caveman Can Do It.

The moment that I think “I need to post on my blog” mental road blocks always pop up veering me off into the procrastination lane.

I enjoy getting things out of my head and sharing them and someday would like to see some financial gain from something that I have written.

I need to work on this and reading this post by Kristen LambĀ  provided a much-needed alignment to my focus on writing.

My current strength training program and a little history

I started lifting in my early teens. For me the interest in lifting started with my dad who always seemed to have some feat of strength to wow us as kids. I also loved to draw as a kid and my favorite subject matter was super heroes. So I spent a ton of time studying the exaggerated muscle structure of every popular comic book super hero I could find.

In my twenty’s life presented more interesting things to spend my time on (another story) and weight lifting became something that I would pick up for eight weeks or so in the spring. That was the case up until 2012 when my wife convinced me to join the gym with her.

At first I relied on my past experience and set up a basic maintenance program, 60 – 90 minutes three days a week, whole body each day. I called it a maintenance program because I didn’t want to put to high an expectation on my 48-year-old body and 20-year-old ego. That lasted for about four or five months which is when I started to see some strength gains and physical changes. At this stage I started to get back into the research and focus on getting the most out of my time at the gym. I switched over to a two-day split body and went four days a week up until six weeks ago when I found the Stronglifts 5×5 program.

02-24-2014 BB Press-140

Stronglifts roots started years ago and used by many, like Arnold, to build strength and mass, more so than a work out geared toward creating definition. Here is the link to the http://www.stronglifts.com sight, I started with, where you can get all the details. I would recommend signing up for the news letter because it will help to answer many questions along the way.

  • The change has renewed my motivation
  • I have found new muscles that have been neglected.
  • A few weeks into the Stronglifts work out I realized that I had not been increasing the weight often enough in the previous routine. Six weeks in and I am doing 5 sets/5 reps (before 3 sets / 8 reps) 10% heavier on bench press and 30% on squats and there is still room to grow.
  • The level of confidence has grown and limits that I placed on myself are disappearing.

I will switch routines again but this has been one of my best choices.


The picture was taken to analyze my form ;).